WeCare Now Riccarton

Drop-in, fast access, low-cost, minimum wait, clinic for minor ailments and injuries, located in Bush Inn.

Free ACC.
Free for under 14 or just $20.

WeCare Now

Have a simple minor ailment or injury and need treatment now? WeCare Now can provide fast, affordable care for many minor ailments and injuries. Book an appointment online or simply drop in to see us and start your visit.


Simply walk-in today and have your health sorted. 

Some of the conditions we treat

Minor Injuries/ACC

Cold/Flu/Sinusitis/Ear Infection/Bronchitis/Sore Throat

Sexual Health/Chlamydia/Morning After Pill



Urinary Tract Infection/Bacterial Vaginosis

Common Skin Problems/Acne/Eczema/Infection/Ring worm