My Health Check Up

At WeCare, your overall well-being is very important to us. Our aim to keep you in your best health for as long as possible. Our model of care is truly patient-centred making your visit with us a positive experience

What is MyHealthCheckUp ™?

My Health Check-Up is a comprehensive well persons check, specifically designed to prevent or early detect a detrimental health outcome in the future.

We believe this is more than just a checkup but a start of a journey towards better health. We use our health expertise to build a clear picture of where your current health is and identify potential future health risks. After your health assessment, we’ll give you guidance and support to help you become healthier today and in the future.

My Health Check-up is designed to:

  • Uncover potential health problems
  • Proactively manage identified health problems
  • Reduce or eliminate any health risk factors
  • Empower you to achieve a positive lifestyle change
  • Through our program, you will acquire detailed knowledge about your health
  • Status and know exactly what actions to take to improve your health and wellness.

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How it works

Dedicated Coordinator

We do everything possible to co-ordinate your visits with your busy schedule. Our wellness coordinator will schedule all the visits at times that best suit you and advise you of any preparation required.

Prior to your visit, the coordinator will send you a health questionnaire. We use this questionnaire to customise your evaluation based on your health needs. The coordinator will also arrange for you to have a blood and urine test prior to your visit. Doing these tests before your actual visit means that your doctor will have all the results on your visit date to discuss with you.

Dedicated wellness doctor

On your visit day, you will meet a dedicated wellness doctor, who takes all the time necessary to understand your health concerns and carries out a comprehensive head-to-toe examination.

At the end of the evaluation, the doctor will discuss your examination findings and test results. The doctor will then recommend a management plan which may include lifestyle advice, treatments, further investigations, and specialist referral. You will also get a comprehensive written report either delivered to your home or email.

Your comprehensive evaluation

“My Check-up is the most comprehensive health evaluation tailored to your health needs.”

History and Exam

Review of your health questionnaire and head-to-toe examination providing an assessment of your overall health.

Lab test

  • Complete blood test to check your complete blood count, cardiovascular risk, kidney health, liver health, thyroid health, and nutritional status.

  • Urinalysis detects problems such as diabetes and kidney disorders.

Heart Health

  • Resting electrocardiogram (ECG) takes a recording of electrical activity within your heart muscles. The test can detect potentially serious heart problems such as blockage of your heart blood vessels and rhythm problems.

Lung Health

  • Spirometry measures how well you fill and empty your lungs of air. The test can detect lung problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease.

  • Chest X-ray is an imaging test that uses small amounts of radiation to help spot abnormalities or diseases of the airways, blood vessels, bones, heart, and lungs.

Eye Health

  • Fundoscopy directly visualises your retina. It is crucial in determining the health of the retina, optic disc, and vitreous humour.

  • Visual acuity tests measure the ability to see fine details.

  • Ishihara test is used to screen for colour perception.

Ear Health

  • Audiometry is the measurement of the range and sensitivity of your sense of hearing. It detects hearing loss

Biometric Testing

  • Body composition analysis is performed using our state-of-art body composition analyser. This gives a useful information such your percentage of body fat, a degree of visceral obesity and muscle mass.

Additional Test (as clinically indicated)

These specialised diagnostic imaging tests are provided by Pacific Radiology, if clinically indicated after consultation with our wellness doctor:

  • Ultrasound Aorta– Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm.

  • Ultrasound Carotid– Screening for carotid artery stenosis, which is a risk factor for stroke.

  • Ultrasound Female pelvis– Screening for abnormalities in the ovaries and uterus.

  • Mammography– Breast cancer screening for women who are not eligible for the government funded screening program.

  • CT Colonography*- Screening for bowel cancer.

  • CT Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring*- Screening for coronary artery disease.

  • Bone Density Scan*- Screening for osteoporosis.
    *These tests will be performed at St. Georges Radiology, 151 Leinster Road)

There are other tests that could be arranged after consultation with our wellness doctors if clinically indicated. WeCare Health doctors annually review and update programs to offer patients the latest in health care.

Ongoing Care

“We are committed to building a long-term relationship with you to provide an outstanding care experience.”

Your visit day only marks the beginning of our long-term relationship. After your visit, our team will coordinate all the follow-up cares and make sure that all your concerns have been addressed. We will also send you a reminder when your next check-up is due.

Get Started

To make an appointment for My Health Check-up or find out more, please contact us on:

Phone: 03 349 8613

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