Virtual Care

WeCare use technology to make it easier and more enjoyable to look after your health. Request sick notes and prescriptions with ease. Message our provider 24/7 and get care by video call. 

Virtual Services we provide

Patient Portal

24/7 Digital Care via a Secure Platform. Easy booking, request prescriptions, message your clinician and check your results. Available by app & web.


Repeat Prescriptions

Easy online or app requests then simply collect your medications from your pharmacy

Free for under 14's or just $20


Online Medical Certificate

If you are mildly unwell, save time and money and get your Medical Certificate online for work or school.

Just $30


Video Consultation

Consult our clinicians on your mobile phone without leaving your home.


WeCare Now is Open!

A revolutionary way of treating minor ailments and injuries, WeCare Now covers free ACC or just 20 dollars for treatment. Simply walk-in to get care.

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