WeCare Health User Guide

WeCare Health User Guide


At WeCare, we know that getting your health sorted in the confines of typical business hours is difficult. You may develop a symptoms of UTI (urinary tract infection) at 7pm in the evening or unable to find appointment between your meetings. You can’t control when you might need care.

That’s why at WeCare, we are continuously searching for innovative solutions to provide healthcare around your schedule.

We have created a guide to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your enrolment. We strongly suggest that you get full access to the ManageMyHealth App. If you need full access to ManageMyHealth, you will need an access code which can be provided by our team. Request Access Code:


Through ManageMyHealth you can book online, through the App or Web. You’re also able to specify what the visit is for, so that we can plan your appointment better.  You can also book by simply contacting by phone call. Please understand that due to COVID19 we are experiencing abnormally large volumes.

Same-Day Team

Everyday, we have team of clinicians that do not see booked patient for the day and resolve health needs that arise on the day. If your health problem needs to be sorted on the day, you can access this service by contacting our reception and asking for a Same-Day appointment or by booking with the Same-Day Callback Team online.

Video/Phone Consult

If you are unable to come in and are needing to speak with a clinician. Through ManageMyHealth you can also book Video/Phone consults. We are providing lower cost for this service at $36.


If you need treatment for minor ailments or need a simple medical certificates, you might not need to be physically seen. We currently provide treatment for Chlamydia, UTI, Hayfever and Medical Certificate. You can utilise our E-Consult service HERE. We have safely provided hundreds of consults through this platform over the last 12 months.


Out of meds? you can request prescription through ManageMyHealth or simply fill out our online form HERE. Our clinicians will review your request and if appropriate will approve your prescription and send it directly to your Phone/Email. You will need to click the link, pay online and select the pharmacy where you want to pick up the meds from.


Do you have a simple non urgent question you need to ask your doctor? Through ManageMyHealth you will be able to write a simple message and our clinician will reply back. This service is free of charge.


Health Record

Review past lab results, vaccination history, medications, allergies and more, through ManageMyHealth app.

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