Ear Infection

Assessment, treatment and symptom relief for people aged 1 year and over with an ear infection

About Ear Infections:

Ear infections are a very common condition, especially among children. They occur when bacteria or viruses take hold, causing swelling and sometimes a build-up of fluids. There are several different types of ear infections affecting different parts of the ear which can have differing symptoms.

How can we help?

Our clinicians can examine your ears then offer treatments and advice for ear infections, tailored to you. Treatment packs may include pain relief, swabs, and antibiotics if appropriate and a medical certificate - all provided to you during your consult, saving you time and money with no need to go to a pharmacy.

Who can we treat?

Children aged 1 year and older and adults of all ages

Treatments offered include:

  • Antibiotics (for bacterial infections)
  • Ear drops
  • Paracetamol tablets or liquid
  • Ibuprofen tablets or liquid