Fast, affordable healthcare when you need it

Revolutionary drop in clinic for minor ailments and injuries for ages 2+

ACC & Under 14: Free,

or just $20*

*for WeCare enrolled patients

Revolutionary drop-in clinic for minor ailments & injuries

WeCare Now provides fast access, low-cost healthcare services. Our revolutionary system allows us to provide care with very short waiting times

Free for ACC & 2 - 14 year olds

Enrolled patients don’t need to pay for accident (ACC) treatments

From $20

Enrolled patients pay just $20 per condition. Non-enrolled patients pay $38 per condition (including ACC and Under 14)

Minimal Wait Times

Efficient care protocols ensuring very short wait times for consultations.

Extended Opening Hours

We are open from 10-7pm Monday-Friday, 10-5pm Saturdays at our Bush Inn clinic


Get prescription medicines, off-work medical certificates, wound care and more from our clinicians at your appointment

No Appointment Required

Easy access, drop-in service available Monday to Saturday

Popular Services

WeCare Now provide fast access, low-cost service for common minor ailments and injuries. We accept Drop-ins and our revolutionary system allows us to provide service with very short waiting time.

Easy! one, two, three and get better

Step One

Walk-in & Complete Questionaire

Simply walk-in to our clinic and select from a list of conditions from a Kiosk. Answer simple pre-consultation questions, to outline your symptoms and ensure we can safely treat you at WeCare Now.

Step Two

Medical Consult

Once submitted, after a very short wait, you will have a face-to-face consultation with our clinician who will discuss treatment options with you. For ACC our clinician will provide appropriate treatment, including dressings, wound closure, bandaging, vaccinations etc.

Step Three

Get Treatment

At the end of the consultation a treatment pack will be provided along with a visit summary. Treatment pack includes prescription medicine and a medical certificate if necessary.


Enrol with WeCare

Become a registered patient by enrolling with WeCare, you will pay less and receive many other benefits.


  • $20 per condition
  • FREE for ACC
  • FREE for Under 14s


  • $38 per condition

Dedicated Team

WeCareNow is founded and backed by NZ qualified doctor, as part of a WeCare Primary Care Group based in Wigram and Lincoln. NZ qualified clinicians.

Meet the Team


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What is WeCare Now

WeCare is building NZ's most accessible healthcare system. WeCare aspire to creating a patient-centric primary care clinic that is designed for real life. 

WeCare Now is a new concept walk-in clinic that aspire to revolutionise the way we treat Minor Ailments and Injuries. We have carefully designed technology and care protocol to safely and very effectively manage common health conditions in a cost and time efficient way.

Our innovation allows treatments to be provided for very low cost Free for ACC and Under 14s or Just $20, with minimum waiting of <5minute. 

Who is WeCare Now For?

WeCare Now is for anyone over the age of 2 and living in NZ who has minor ailments or injuries, that wants to be treated quickly for very low cost. 

Do I need an appointment?

No, you do not need to make an appointment to use WeCareNow. Please simply walk-in during our hours, to be seen. You can trust that your waiting time will be very short. 

What treatments can you provide

For injuries,

  • tubigrips,
  • bandaging,
  • simple wound closure,
  • splinting
  • removal of sutures
  • extensive wound dressings
  • Iniital ACC lodging
  • ACC off work certificate of up to 1 week. 
  • vaccinations for tetanus

Non injury consultations

  • Common medication to be picked up from clinic, without needing to visit pharmacy
    • Antibiotics
    • Steroid creams
    • Anti viral
    • Analgesia
  • Less common medications can be prescribed and sent to pharmacy
  • Off work certificate

COVID19 care

  • RAT & PCR testing
  • Long COVID assessment and rehab

All of above are provided for no extra cost, and a visit summary will be sent to your email.

What treatments we can't provide

Care for under 2 year old

Care for serious or complex medical conditions - will need to go to Wigram or Lincoln

ACC18 (renewal off work certificate)

WINZ certificate

Prolonged prescription of controlled drug 

What if I paid but you were not able to help?

If we were unable to provide adequate care for you, full cost of consultation will be refunded to you on the day. 

Is my information safe?

We take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously. WeCare complies with all relevant privacy laws and has implemented strict security protocols to protect your information.