MedDirect - Medication Renewal Service

Experience truly hassle-free healthcare with MedDirect: a revolutionary FREE annual medication management and renewal plan 

MedDirect - truly hassle-free healthcare

Proactive and coordinated annual medication renewal service

Medication Review Consult

One annual in-person consult

Have your annual medication review with one of our Clinicians then get set up for your free MedDirect plan - your medication needs sorted for the rest of the year with no additional fees!

Your Medications Delivered

Your regular medications arranged and delivered to you

No need to request your repeat prescriptions, they will be renewed automatically and delivered to your door by our partner PharmacyNow.

Proactive health monitoring

Coordinated health monitoring with priority notification

Discuss your health monitoring needs at your annual review consult then receive priority notification and proactive monitoring of conditions related to your medication throughout the year

      Why choose MedDirect?

  • It's free! The MedDirect annual medication renewal service is free for eligible patients (usual consult fees apply to your annual review consult)
  • Affordable annual consult options - see a WeCare Nurse Clinician for a reduced fee
  • Medications delivered all year, free and on time - conveniently packaged in sachets at your preference 
  • Priority health monitoring notification to ensure everything is done on time before your next review

MedDirect: Annual Medication Management Plan

WeCare's revolutionary new hassle-free and free repeat medication service


For truly hassle-free healthcare sign up to MedDirect - let us take care of your ongoing medication needs - get your regular medications all year without having to leave the house.

STEP 1: Have you annual medication review consultation

See our highly trained nurse clinicians for a full medication review and set up your MedDirect annual medication management plan - at a cost of only $50 for the entire year.

Prefer to see a specific clinician? Book your medication review with your preferred provider and ask them about signing up to MedDirect for hassle-free healthcare

STEP 2: Your repeat medications arranged by us and delivered to your door throughout the year

WeCare's partnership with PharmacyNow allows for your repeat prescriptions to be arranged proactively by us, filled by PharmacyNow and delivered to your door before you run out - no need to request repeats and no additional charge!

STEP 3: Get any required health monitoring prior to your next annual review

Investigations and health monitoring (blood tests, blood pressure checks etc) for the year will be planned at your MedDirect annual review - not everyone will need these, but many will. We will give you priority notification and plenty of notice so you can get your investigations sorted ahead of your next annual MedDirect in-person consult

Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel like your medication regime is no longer working for you, please reach out to WeCare to discuss options. You can also make an appointment with your preferred clinician to discuss your individual needs.

What is MedDirect?

MedDirect is an annual medication management and renewal service provided by WeCare in partnership with Pharmacy Now. It simplifies long-term medication management, offering free coordination and delivery of repeat prescriptions and priority notifications for health monitoring.

Who is MedDirect for?

MedDirect is for stable patients on long-term medication regimes who want hassle-free and cost-effective medication management.

Why use MedDirect?

MedDirect offers a hassle-free experience, providing free coordination and renewal of prescriptions, medication delivery, and priority notifications for health monitoring, all aimed at saving you time and money.

What does it mean to be ‘stable on my medication’?

It means you've been taking the same regular medication for over 6 months with no changes, no related hospital admissions, and you feel well on your current medication. This makes you suitable for MedDirect.

Do I need to request my prescription repeats?

No, we arrange all prescription repeats automatically, before you run out.

Can I choose my pharmacy?

No, MedDirect operates exclusively with Pharmacy Now for medication dispensing and delivery.

got a notification to say “Your prescription has been sent to Pharmacy Now. For collection options click below” what do I do?

No action required! Simply disregard the message. Your medication will be dispensed and delivered by Pharmacy Now. They'll send you a confirmation text once it's ready for delivery. Please avoid using the 'change pharmacy' option, as MedDirect exclusively partners with Pharmacy Now for free medication delivery.

How does medication delivery work?

Pharmacy Now will contact you within 24-48hours of your consult. Pharmacy Now then dispenses and delivers your medication to your doorstep, offering free individual sachet or standard packaging options.

What if my medication hasn’t arrived when I expect it?

Contact Pharmacy Now via their website contact form at or phone (03) 365 1564

What if I have questions about my medication or health conditions?

n an emergency call 111. In other instances, message your care team through your ManageMyHealth portal.

What if I need regular health monitoring or interventions?

Our care team will notify you in advance and coordinate any necessary interventions/ monitoring.

What happens at the end of my years’ MedDirect service?

We’ll let you know when your annual in-person medication review is due. Your MedDirect plan will be renewed at this consult if you remain stable on your medication regimen. Standard consult fees apply.

Can I request additional medications?

MedDirect covers routine daily medications. If you require medication taken on an ‘as needed’ basis, please request this through ManageMyHealth or our website form. Standard fees apply for these requests.

What if my circumstances change or my health needs change?

Inform Pharmacy Now to adjust medication deliveries or WeCare if your health needs change.

Enrol with WeCare

WeCare patients gain a range of benfits once enrolled including access to the MedDirect Plan.

Once enrolled, you’ll have access to everything WeCare has to offer, from convenient same-day appointments to 24/7 virtual access.