MedDirect - Medication Management Plan

Experience truly hassle-free healthcare with MedDirect: a revolutionary FREE annual medication management and renewal plan 

MedDirect - truly hassle-free healthcare

Proactive and coordinated annual medication management plan

Medication Review

One annual in-person conult

At your annual medication review with one of our WeCareNow Nurse Clinicians you will be set up for your free MedDirect plan - your medication needs sorted for the rest of the year with no additional fees!

Get your Medications

Medications arranged and delivered to you

No need to request your repeat prescription, we will arrange it before it is due and our partner PharmacyNow will deliver it in convenient, easy to use measured doses to your door

Virtual Check Up

Check up and health monitoring without the visit

Your half-way plan review is a quick easy virtual check-in and any required health monitoring is coordinated by our team and priority notifications sent to your phone

Why choose MedDirect?

  • Proactive and coordinated care relating to your ongoing medications - let us do the work for you!

  • Priority notification for any upcoming health monitoring needs 

  • Affordable annual consults - our nurse clinicians can see you for your annual in-person medication review consult and setup your MedDirect plan

  • Conveniently pre-packaged medications at your preference and delivery to your home at no cost

  • Your MedDirect annual medication renewal plan is free for eligible patients (normal consult fees apply for you in-person annual review consults)

MedDirect: Annual Medication Management Plan

WeCare's revolutionary new hassle-free way of managing your long-term medication with only a one-off low annual fee


Revolutionary annual medication management plan - a one-off in person visit with one low fee and get your medication needs sorted for the year!

For truly hassle-free healthcare sign up to MedDirect - let us take care of your ongoing medication needs and get your regular medications all year without having to leave the house.

STEP 1: Your one-off annual appointment with a skilled nurse clinician

Our highly trained nurse clinicians will see you for a full medication review and set up your MedDirect annual medication management plan - at a cost of only $50 for the entire year

We will also send you your own copy of your MedDirect plan to your email with key dates for the coming year

STEP 2: Your repeat medications arranged by us and delivered to your door throughout the year

Partnering with Pharmacy Now allows for your prescriptions to be arranged proactively by us before they become due

Prescriptions will be filled by Pharmacy Now and delivered to your door before you run out - no need to request repeats and no additional charge!

STEP 3: Your 6 month virtual review

Half-way through your MedDirect annual plan you will have a virtual check-in. We will send you a questionnaire and assess that your medication plan is up-to-date and still right for you

We will also give you plenty of notice for any investigations you might need (blood tests, blood pressures checks etc) ahead of your next annual MedDirect in-person consult

Enrol with WeCare

WeCare patients gain a range of benfits once enrolled including access to the MedDirect Plan.

Once enrolled, you’ll have access to everything WeCare has to offer, from convenient same-day appointments to 24/7 virtual access.