Flu vaccine appointments now available at Wigram, Lincoln and Ilam clinics-

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BenefitsWeCareTypical GP Practices
Dedicated drop-in Acute Care Clinics
Fast, affordable nurse-led comprehensive healthcare clinics
24/7 access to patient portal
Multiple convenient clinic locations

WeCareNow Quick Consults

Experience fast, affordable, same-day consultations for a wide range of minor ailments and common conditions.

Your health can't wait, and neither should you.

Comprehensive Consults

Easily book online appointments with your preferred clinician and enjoy a tailored, comprehensive healthcare experience.

Drop-in Acute Care Clinics

Drop-in Acute Care available 7 days a week! Whether it's a sudden illness or an unexpected health concern, we're here to provide prompt, professional medical attention.

Say goodbye to long wait times and expensive fees and take control of your health today.

MedDirect - Convenient Medication Renewal Service

Experience truly hassle-free healthcare with our proactive, tailored care plans for your regular medication & chronic health needs. Have your regular medications seamlessly coordinated and delivered right to your doorstep, free of charge. 

Always Connected with 24/7 Portal Access

Stay informed and in control with our around-the-clock online portal. Access your health records, manage appointments, and communicate with your care team anytime, anywhere.

Check if you can be treated through WeCareNow

Our WeCareNow service offers a fast and affordable alternative for some acute health issues including minor injuries, minor ailments, and off-work medical certificates. See if this service is right for you.