Repeat Prescriptions

Need your medications? Easily and quickly request your repeats online or through your patient portal


Book your medication review consult with WeCareNow - our nurse-led care clinic where our highly trained nurses provide quality fast & affordable care with support from WeCare doctors. Your prescription will be arranged and at your pharmacy same day or next day or with MedDirect and PharmacyNow can be delivered to your door!

Patient Portal

If you have an activated ManageMyHealth (MMH) account, you can login to request your repeat prescription through the MMH website or via the MMH App.

If you would like to have your portal activated, please contact us here and select “joining patient portal” and we will email you back with an activation code.

Online Form

If you are not a portal user, you can also request your prescription by filling out the form below.

MedDirect: Free Medication Renewal Plan

Have a regular and ongoing medication need? You may be eligible for MedDirect - our revolutionary FREE proactive and coordinated annual medication management & renewal plan.

Simply book your annual medication review consult* with our highly trained Nurse Clinicians who will set you up for MedDirect at the time of your consult then let us take care of the rest of your years' medication renewal and health monitoring.

Your repeat prescriptions are automated, conveniently packaged and delivered to your door, receive priority notfication for any health monitoring requirements and an easy mid-year virtual check in.

*Standard consult fees apply for your annual in-person review